Charlatan's Boy!

Grady is an orphan whose only "family" is a crook and a liar. A traveling salesman by the name of Professor Floyd. Set in a time of buggy traveling salesmen- Grady serves as a side-show or side-kick (depending on their angle) to earn a few coppers. You never know how they'll be received from town to town. This story follows their adventures and Grady's yearning to find out where he came from and where he fits in the world.
Oh- and another thing you should know-
Grady thinks he's a real live Freechie!

Click here to learn more about Freechie's from the author himself!

This truly is a delightful tale with homespun humor and insight.

To prepare our book club- of reluctant readers- I showed some highlights from the movie
Pete's Dragon.

I wanted to introduce the idea of a traveling salesman and introduce them to the "Southern Hospitality"

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Instead of adding all the questions on the blog- I made a tri-fold book mark.
(Make sure you print BOTH the inside and outside of the bookmark.)
I passed out to the kids to use while they read the book.

(This helped with the discussion- on book club day.)

Congratulations to
T, Garret, Zack, ehobson and Henry!
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