The Prophet of Yonwood (City of Ember 3)

I've got to commend Carl and his book club- they know how to stick with a series!
This is their THIRD book club on this series!
If you would like to see his book club posting- visit HERE

I love Carl's description of his energy game- to start the book club off.
A game he calls, "Hide the Bomb".

"Since this book talks a lot about terrorists and world-wide war, we divided the guys into Terrorists and Agents. The Terrorist hid a picture of a bomb in the room and the Agent had 2 minutes to find it. A lot of the Agents found the bomb (note to players: laughing when an Agent gets near your bomb is a sure giveaway!) but the Terrorists got smarter and sneakier with each round. Everyone got a chance to be an Agent and Terrorist, even me. A lot of fun."
Our book club only read the first book. A few boys went on to read the whole series, a few decided to stop. Personally- I really enjoyed the first book. The second book- I liked less.
I really liked the mystery of trying to figure out where they were..(in the first book) But I don't really enjoy futuristic /atomic bomb destroyed the planet kind of story lines. Alot of people do- so Thank you Carl for reviewing a series I would have left unexplored.
And like I said- I had some boys that really enjoyed them.

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