Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen

Grade 4-6

Since the coming of Spring, my older boys have dusted off the old lawn mower and have started tackling our back yard. They look forward to Summer around the corner and the prospects of earning some extra cash- from mowing lawns in our neighborhood.

So when I saw this book, I suspected they could relate to the twelve year old in this story- learning a quick lesson in supply and demand and how to start up his own lawn mowing business.

Gary Paulsen takes an ordinary summer "lawn mowing" job and turns it into a fun adventure as this young entrepreneur builds his business. One of his clients is an e-stock trader and makes some solid investments. It's a rags to riches kind of story. My 11 year old enjoyed this book-
not only is the content is of high interest but also .. it was a fun short read! Only 88 pages long!
(Great size for Reluctant Readers!)

Both my boys are now eagerly working on their Boy Scout Entrepreneur Merit Badge!
I really love finding books- that go hand in hand with Scouting! Besides learning about the ins and outs to starting your own business, they get to interview an entrepreneur. The BIG project for this merit badge, is to start your own business and run it for at least a month... my boys were planning on doing this anyway this summer, so why not set up a lawn mowing business up right? and get one merit badge closer to eagle along the way?

We haven't read the Lawn Boy Returns yet. I was thrilled to see a sequel to this great story

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