Fall Play~ The Lost Tablet

This year's school Fall Play-in-a-Week was amazing. Over the summer- I challenged a group of (soon to be) 8th graders to write the script. I gave them a loose idea to base the play on:
(Inspired by the popularity of Percy Jackson) I started their wheels rolling when I described the premis.

Ares, the god of war, broke the tablet of Peace into pieces and hid them around the world. The Muses (from hercules cartoon) challenge the children at Laie Elementary school to gather the pieces and be hero's restoring the tablet of Peace.

Each teenager was assignted to write one scene of the play. They had to pick a location that the Laie kids would have to goto and come up with some kind of conflict the kids would over come to get a piece of the tablet.

They took my challenge to heart. They organized a writing circle to work on the script! They thought the pieces should be hidden at the 7 wonders of the ancient world. They came up with an amazing play! Each scene so clever and unique.

Laie Elementary kids had to confront Nile crocodiles, Egyptians and skeletons. They had to challenge the goddess Arese, and Zeus.
It really is amazing what can be accomplished in a week! I organize the play each year - but it would be impossible to do alone. No one can do everything, but everyone can do some small thing. And when you have a handful of mom's and an army of teenagers, it all gets done in 5 days! (We had 26 high schoolers volunteer to help- make costumes, be group leaders, design sets, teach dances.)
It was a great week!

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