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As you may know- this fall I am planning on teaching preschool. So I have been scouring the web looking for fun preschool ideas,  as well as inspiration for activities to do with my book clubs.

I found a great site and an amazingly fun mom over at Mom-to-2-posh-lil-divas!

I love her post about the ABC's of Learning to Read through Play! Click here to jump to her site.
(She expounds on each letter/tip more on her site- but here is her break-down.)

A is for Alphabet.
B is for Books
C is for Comprehension.
D is for Developmental Readiness.

E is for Encouragement.
F is for Fluency. Fluency comes with time and practice

G is for Games.
H is for Hands-on.

I is for InterestsFinding the "right" book which captures your child's interest can turn them on to reading and help them on their way to being lifelong readers.

J is for Journal
K is for Keeping Your Cool.When things get frustrating, take a break.

L is for Letter Sounds 
M is for Modeling.


N is for No Limits.

O is for Opportunity.

P is for Phonetic Awareness.
Q is for Questions.

R is for Rhyming.

S is for Sight Words.
T is for Technology.

U is for Use Funny Voices.

V is for Visits to the Library.
W is for Word Play.

X is for Mix it Up! Don't always do the same thing when it comes to reading with your child.
Y is for YouTube.
Z is for ZEST! To be honest, this is my #1 tip. Be enthusiastic about reading and it sets a wonderful example for your children and/or students to do the same. 

I hope this list inspires you as much as it does me.
When I was a young mom (and very much a reluctant reader) I knew I had to change- for the benefit of my children.

I didn't want them to struggle with reading.

Luckily I had a great mentor- my sister. (She has always been a carnivorous reader!) We use to get together on a daily basis with our small babies. She would always read to her daughter who was just crawling age... while I tended to play toys.. cars, blocks, etc.. with my crawling son.

The above list- was just second nature to my sister. I had to make a more conscience effort. (Especially the ZEST part- some books were just so boring! Especially when little ones bring you the same book to read 10 times a day- for months on end! Go Dogs Go I have memorized. Honestly! And interesting fact: That son still loves dogs at age 16!)

So, if you are like me- where the love of reading isn't your passion, I encourage you to visit Mom-to-2-posh-lil-divas... Print off her list. Put it in a place you will see daily- and try to do one or two ideas with your kids daily. (Especially this summer!)

You'll be happy you did.

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Liz Allan said...

Love the list...will go and have a look at the site now. Good luck with your teaching preparations! You sound so passionate about your vocation ... what lucky students!

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