First Day of Preschool!

Today was my first day of Preschool. I had a few last minute things to prep. I wanted to show you some more items that come in the FUNSHINEEXPRESS curriculum monthly kit.

These letter cards- are easy to punch out. As a sign language interpreter (in my free time.. lol) I love that these cards include the sign language letters too.

(Funshine Express also introduces Spanish vocabulary words that go along with the monthly theme. There was so much to do today- establishing our daily routine- I didn't get to everything I had planned! I'll try to remember to show you those next week.)

As I was setting up preschool boards in our family room- my sons took turns giving me friendly advice. Things they remembered and liked from when I taught them preschool.  (Those are sweet memories.) I really like using these boards. They stand up on their own- and are very functional. Yet- they are easy to move around, or store away when not in use. Since I don't have a "preschool room" I love that I can quickly set up preschool and take it down the days I don't hold preschool.

Here is a NEW favorite item of mine from Funshine Express: Monthly journals. We worked on the letter A today, but the book contains activities that go along with the monthly color, shape and number as well. We did one handout and one page in our journal. (Handouts are nice- because kids like taking work home to show their parents.)

I am just trying out the journals this month- in the past, I have only used handouts.
I'll let you know at the end of the month, which I prefer better. I can see benefits to both.

I hope everyone had a good FIRST DAY of preschool- for all you preschool teachers!

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