Helping Hand

We have been talking about "How to be a good friend" in preschool all month. I modified two craft kits I had gotten in my Funshine Express curriculum monthly box- to make this craft.

One craft suggested making  a class mobile with all the children's hands hanging down from a construction paper ring. It was a cute project- I just know my bunch of kids. They like to TAKE THINGS HOME.

So instead- we made this and talked about what it means to "give a hand". (Be helpful.)

It was actually a multi-stepped craft- that I split up into different segments and stations.

First we paired up with partners and traced each others hands.

Then during out station time- they laced around the paper plates Funshine had supplied for another craft idea. I simply punched holes around the sides.

At another station, they sat with me and I supervised them cutting out their hands. I have some children who don't need much supervision- while others need a lot. So I prefer working in a small group- when we use scissors.
With our paper plates- laced and our hand cut out we were ready to put everything together. 
I like to sometimes throw in a "multi step" project for preschool. The children really are proud of their work at the end. (It wasn't simply a "slap together" kind of craft.)
This took time. It took effort. (Lacing and cutting). Each is unique.
The key is to break it down into multiple phases-- where the kids can stop, take a break, and then work on another aspect of the project later. If I had tried to do all this in one sitting- the children would have been too overwhelmed.

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