NOT just great crafts.... Large Motor Activities

So it seems like-- I tend to just share the cute crafts that Funshine Express offers in their preschool curriculum kits.

In the monthly Curriculum guide that comes in each monthly curriculum box, Funshine Express supplies daily lesson plans. I love to read- what they suggest and then modify to my preschool group. Every day they suggest a large motor activity. Funshine calls it "Movers and Shakers" Activity.

This activity Funshine calls Balancing Buddies. They suggest using two beams side by side- and the children hold hands and help each other balance. To introduce this activity- use used one beam on the first day- and then two on the following day. They loved the modification!

Another game they enjoyed was called Mirror, Mirror. Children play in partners. One makes a silly face or motion and their partner/mirror has to copy.

They often suggest modifications to common games many of these little ones already know. For example this next activity called Musical Share Chairs. You start the game- like the traditional game of musical chairs- but as you remove chairs... the children must "share" the remaining chairs-- until their is only ONE chair left. When that happens they must work together to try and share it! I love this modification! Traditional musical chairs- eliminates chairs and children as you play- often causing sad children. My little ones loved this modification- and it was fun to see their problem solving skills.

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