Story Time at Preschool

I plan to post (and collect) most of my Story Time ideas on another page- click here. But I wanted to show you how helpful Funshine Express Monthly Curriculum is for Preschool story times. Monday we read Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea.
Funshine Express suggested we read Rainbow Fish, to go along with our theme of Friendship this
month, and they provided a craft to go along with this book in their monthly curriculum kit.

Earlier this month- I printed off their library list of books-  that go along with this months theme. (There is a nice list in the monthly curriculum book also.) This list is a nice place to start. Our library didn't have every book, but it did have a handful- which lead me to other stories about friendship.

I can't say it enough, how nice it is to just open up the packet- and have all the supplies for the craft provided. I simply had to supply the glue and Q-tips.

We had goldfish crackers for snacks today- to go along with our story.

I will try to remember to post on this page some story time ideas for preschool. But I wanted to let you know- I have another page that is completely dedicated to just literacy! I have ideas on the other pages for every age and stage of reading.

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