Fall Craft

Another cute fall craft from Funshine express.

Children ripped brown paper to make tree trunks, glued them on blue background paper. Then we used triangle sponges (provided by Funshine Express along with all papers.) and used them to stamp fall color leaves. We added some owl stickers (also provided by Funshine).
We are finishing our unit on forests and forest animals - but this leads seamlessly into our next unit of Nocturnal animals.
Life has officially gotten crazy.
All four sons play hockey- and our practice schedule every night of the week
with games on Saturday- most likely divided between 2-3 rinks.
I knew it would be crazy this fall... every time I peel open a craft kit from Funshine express- I am so
grateful I didn't have to run to different craft stores to get supplies! And the kits are so versatile! I mean, I am a creative person by nature- and you might be the same.
You might think-- "I like creating and thinking of fun crafts."
Me too.
But I find just as much enjoyment... looking at the craft kits and supplies provided and
putting them together in unique ways.
I also enjoy the ease-- of NOT having to depend on my creativity 100%,
If I can't think of anything cute--- never a problem... Funshine has done all the leg work. lol
if you are a stress out preschool teacher-
who has maybe bitten off more than you can chew...
Give yourself a breather and check out Funshine express-
it might be just the thing- to help you take some stress off your plate- so you can
just enjoy teaching preschool.  (and your family- when you are NOT teaching preschool.)

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