It's a CAMP OUT!

The end of September we were learning about the Forrest- and the beginning of October we are learning about Nocturnal Animals...  Funshine Express suggests a CAMP OUT! So fun!
 We made a craft provided by Funshine Express- binoculars. (Instead of using the paper provided by Funshine- I used TP rolls. We painted them with Fall colors- red and yellow. The kids were excited to see that red and yellow = orange!
Funshine Express suggests setting up a tent. Our family tent is huge- so I looked online for some alternative ideas. I found this idea on Pinterest of creating a fort out of newspaper! (You can click here to get directed to PBS website and learn more.)
 Contrary to the suggestion on PBS website- my fort was not strong enough to have a sheet over it. (Even with most newspaper rolls being doubled up.- so you've been warned. ) My dramatic play area had our "tent" and my "campfire" is simply a brown sack cut and twisted up for logs... and red tissue paper for the flames.
I was disappointed that the fort didn't hold up well. This is a center they would like to keep a few more days of preschool. So I am going to have to come up with something else- for a "tent".

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