Before Preschool started, I went to the preschool supply store and got lost among the isles and rows of adorable preschool supplies. I was weak and went without a clear purpose- I came home with a bunch of things I didn't really need... you can read about that sad story here...lol.

But one thing I bought in that splurge shopping trip, was a phonics system called The Amazing Action Alphabet. It is wonderful.
 It is based on the philosophy that children seeing + hearing+ doing = learning.
I have used it for two months now and all the letters we have learned so far- the children have learned and remember the correct sounds! I know it is this system... because when I ask for the sound- they do the hand motion that reminds them of the correct sound.
This is a picture of F the Flamingo who is fffff-freezing!
Each letter character has a story and a hand motion that helps them remember the sound.
I bought the workbook also that compliments the flip chart. Those activities are hit and miss, this one was really cute. I just wanted to share a great method I stumbled upon. (I don't get paid to promote this, and they didn't contact me to blog about it. ) I just know how some kids really struggle with phonics and this has proven to work for 100% of my kids... so I thought I should share. There is also a Music CD and I plan to buy this also.
Reading is such a huge focus for most parents. They base their opinion about if a preschool is exceptional or not... by how well their children are learning to read. (Rightly so!) So splurging on a phonics system that works is well worth the money.

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