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Thanksgiving is such a fun time-- Funshine Express  has the themes for this month as "Thanksgiving" and "Musical Instruments". I am using the "Thanksgiving" ideas, but have decided to push back the musical instrument ideas for December.  Instead-  of musical instruments I am having a cooking theme.

Funshine always includes some cooking ideas in their monthly curriculum guide. Today we made some fruit leather. (This was a recipe from their September curriculum guide, but I saved it for now.)

It was so simple! Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees.
I blended a can of peaches and added a cup of apple sauce.
I poured the fruit puree onto a greased cookie sheet and placed it in the oven.
THEN I turned down the oven to 180 degrees.

Funshine recommended you cook it for 3 hours. My fruit leather is still in the oven- and it's been 6 hours. So we are going to eat this at our next preschool day for snack.

The kids love the cooking theme! I do too. We've made banana bread and a fruit salad so far.
It is easy to incorporate into station too. I've added a play kitchen in our toy area and measuring cups and spoons with a "sensory" box with beans and rice. The kids love to measure and pour and pretend in this area and "bake".

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