Preschool theme: Snowmen

This is my neighbors mailbox. I love walking out each morning and seeing this fun snowman.
Last week, at preschool, we painted with bubble wrap- to make some snow pictures. I had the children paint two pictures- one on blue paper to take home that day... and another on black paper.
(I knew I wanted to use this technique for a craft today.)

There are so many cute books about snowmen! (I found a bunch this summer at goodwill- when I was gathering my preschool supplies for the year.) For story time- I read these books.
For our craft time: I used our black paper from last week and added a worksheet from Funshineexpress monthly curriculum kit.
Funshine provided a little snowman worksheet. (cutting around the circles and pasting.)
This craft went hand-in-hand with the fun book: Snowmen at Night.
(I love it when I find crafts/games/activities that match up with books!)
and I used Funshine Express' great play dough recipe.
I left the dough white (our color for this month) and
kids pretended to roll snowballs, make snowmen, etc.. etc..
It was a great "snowy" day at preschool. We had a few kids out sick- so it was an especially slow-quiet day at preschool as well.

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