Weather Theme: Clouds

We have been talking about weather - and specifically the water cycle.
(*It might be a bit complex for the gang- but we did some large movement activities to understand it.)
Here is a great diagram from the U.S Gov 
I simplified it a-lot.
It's one thing to "talk" about it. Another- to actually see-it-happen!
I know I usually share a craft that Funshine Express supplied in their monthly curriculum kit- but today, I was so impressed with their simple-fun Science suggestion!

Create a cloud in a jar.
How cool is that? It is hard to see... but this really works! (Hot water in the jar-- trapping the steam by having ice on top.)

We painted also- with cotton balls... clouds.
But by far... the science experiment stole the show today!
Here is a good image- from Enchanted learning website-
*I just focused on the idea of : Evaporation- Condensation- precipitation (rain/snow) Accumulation.
We started sitting- with our arms out... pretending we were water in the ocean.
Then we evaporated... (standing up)
then we  "condensed" (got close together)
then we rained or represented Precipiation... by wiggling our fingers as we "rained" and we sat down.

I am always amazed at how brilliant and smart these little ones are!
Will they remember the words? maybe not... but do they understand the concept- YOU BET!

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