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Ahh.. the weather is warming... everyone is getting a little excited for summer.. including the teacher. This is our last week of preschool. Can it be? My little preschoolers have grown so much!

There are so many things I love about Funshine Express preschool curriculum. It is such a well thought out program. But one of the items I personally loved- was the art projects that were just exploratory.

Today we did a fun, simple painting project. Funshine Express calls it Crease and Paint.

Our little guys folded paper in different ways. (There is no wrong or right way to do this.) Then they open up their paper and paint in the creases.
It is simple, yet keeps their attention and imagination inspired. I know if I just tossed out paint and brushes this last year, the children would be stuck in a rut. They would have gotten bored with painting. Because Funshine Express have provided different ideas each month- my preschool kids love painting! They can't wait to see what we are going to do each time I pull out the paints.

And it might just be me... but I love art work by children.
The free expression makes me happy.

I gave every child a paper plate with the colors red, yellow and blue. Some kids like to mix the colors , some don't.

The kids who mixed the colors- wanted to take their paper plates home too. I don't blame them.
If you are looking for other unconventional art, here.

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