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Okay... Okay.. you know how much I like my Funshine Express Monthly Curriculum kit. (If you don't know... I like it a lot!)

This is my last month of preschool.
I opened my box... fully expecting to see the monthly regulars.
(My numbers and letters for the month, my calendar pieces, an adorable book about the theme.)

I opened my Curriculum guide book... expecting to see familiar activities too. (Not exact same activities familiar ideas with a twist that will fit this months theme... I mean, who would blame them? It's hard to be creative 12 months out of the year, providing unique/creative ideas 5 days a week... )

I browsed through the plans this month... and fell in love with Funshine Express all over again!
I loved one of the ideas they had planned later this month- that we did it today. (We might do it every day this month- the kids loved it so much!)

Funshine Express calls it, "Evolving Picture Story".
My kids called it- "we draw the pictures- story"

Funshine Express provides a simple story.
I wrote each sentence on a sheet of paper. (I had to shorten the story because I had so many kids absent today.)

Then I gave one page to each student- to illustrate.

They l-o-v-e-d this! This fella made the grass super tall in his picture.

Then during our story time- I put all the pages together and read it to them.
I kinda wish we had done this every month.
We would have quite a collection of stories by now.

They all agreed that they wanted to keep the pictures together at preschool, so next preschool day we can read it to the preschool friends who were sick. They are sooooo proud of this story they illustrated!

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