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In a national survey conducted by the Young Adult Library Services Association in 2001, boys reported their top obstacles to reading.
39% said it was boring/no fun29% said they had no time/were too busy11% said they would rather do something else8% said they couldn’t get into the stories4% admitted they weren’t good at it.

Our book club outlines address each of these obstacles and help channel your boy's creative energy in a fun, productive, educational way!

"Boring/No fun"? Our outlines are packed with activities, so fun is the focus!

"No time" or "would rather be doing something else?" Our outlines provide great incentive games to reward boys who put the time into reading the book. (For example, begin by asking the boys questions about the book. For each question answered correctly, the boys earn a water balloon for the upcoming water balloon fight!)

"Can't get into the stories"? Try our special Book & Movie Book Clubs. Sometimes boys with shorter attention spans or slower reading skills struggle to get into the story, but if they watch even the first 20 minutes of the movie first, they connect with the characters. Then, they can relate to the setting and feel motivated to read the book.

"Not good at it"? The more he reads, the better he will get at reading! We offer a number of helpful ideas and tips of how parents can help their sons read.


4funboys said...

love these ideas...

Bad Momma said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

My boys love to read. I had the same problems with my oldest when he was in first grade. He was frustrated because he wanted to instantly be able to read.

His reading took off the following year when taking part in the summer reading program at the local library.He then viewed reading as a competitive sport and 4 years later he is a voracious reader!

He has read all the Harry Potter series and is reading the third book from Christopher Paolini "Brisingr".

I had been told to expose my boys to Greek mythology and asked the librarian for suggestions. She told us about Percy Jackson and the Olympians. My 6th grader read this series early this year and now knows more about the Greek gods than I do!

Our biggest challenge with our boys now is in getting them to write.

Laura said...

Hey ladies!
I hope you will check out my site: www.bookclub4boys.com- that is my real site- I'm just switching everything over to these blogs...
Thanks for the comments!

listplanit said...

Action-oriented. . .isn't that the truth? I will definitely be coming back to get more ideas for my son.


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