Round Up News!

I hope everyone had a great summer!
(Our school started back up last week! So if you are one of those lucky families that is still on summer vacation---- enjoy every last minute!)

A fellow Bookclub4boys.com Round Up member contacted me earlier in the year with a request for Pen Pals.

Here is her book club.
They had just finished the book
Dear Max and she thought it would be fun for the kids to have their own pen pals. I thought it was a great idea!
I had our boys write on the back of post cards and I mailed her the bundle. Then at their book club meeting- she was able to pass out the post cards/pen pals to her boys!

My son is still exchanging letters (more like one-line snippets) with the little boy second from the left.

I just wanted to share her creative idea.
Thanks Gwyn!

If you would like to share books, ideas, activities or games your book club enjoys please email me at Bookclub4boys {at} yahoo{dot}com
I will then post your idea along with any pictures you send on our site! If you have a blog I will happily link back so my readers can get more information from your blog!

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