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This post is for books that have now been made into a movie.

I love using movies as a tool to help reluctant readers connect to characters, plot and settings in books. If you think about it- most of us struggle to read a book if it doesn't "hook" us in the first chapter or so. Kids are no different- in fact they tend to be worse! If it doesn't capture them in the first few pages a book is abandoned.

Now think about a child that actually struggles to read. To read fluidly enough to stream a sentence together. Sometimes important plot information, setting information and even details about characters get lost. By watching the first few minutes of the movie- kids will be begging- just 5 more minutes. They get "hooked". Hooked to characters, they understand where the plot is going, they can see the surroundings. Having all this information firmly in place, these reluctant readers can now plug through the book and find out "what happens next?".

Another thing I love about movies and books is how easy it is to host a book club!
Discussions are simple: compare and contrast the movie.
The activity is planned: watch the movie.
Snacks are simple: everyone bring their favorite munchie.

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