Dragon Theme Book Club

Today we just had a dragon themed book club, for our Beginning readers.
What a great bunch of boys!
They were so excited to color and create a dragon of their own- and share what special powers it had, where it lived, and if it was good or evil.

I'll post my official book club outline next week- a friend of mine took pictures- so I could just enjoy the boys and not have to fuss with the camera too. (Thanks Natalie!)

I found these great Dragon Flyer's at Oriental Trading a few years ago- and we used them with my Independent reader group when they read: How to Train Your Dragon. You can see my free outline for that book (HERE)

I've used these dragon flyer's 3 times now- for 3 different sons.

With my oldest sons book club- I gave the dragon flyer's to the boys with the book- so they could decorate it at home... and then bring it to book club.

My second sons book club we painted it at book club- then waited for the paint to dry while we munched on treats and discussed the book.

Today, with my third sons book club- we used markers to color them. ( I wasn't in the mood to deal with paint/water and waiting for it to dry.)

The markers worked great and the kids appreciated they could add details that might have been difficult to accomplish with paint. (fire, eyes, different color toe nails, etc...)

Just thought I would share- an awesome find at Oriental Trading.

I also found another book club idea for How to Train Your Dragon at this website HERE.

There are also some other fun books that have dragon themes:

happy reading!

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