A Twist with a Movie/Book Club Group

Here is another idea from Carl- our friendly librarian in North Carolina.
He hosted a Movie/book club group around the book: Nerds
-- the twist.. is

the book wasn't even made into a movie!!

Carl is so creative!
You can see his idea here for this book.

Quick summary of the book:
(Reading level is 5th-7th grade)
Definitely packed with boy humor, your boy is sure to love this super spy story. To even begin- one has to pass clearance by offering up a thumbprint match. (I love how the book is set up to be interactive.) This story takes the typical outcast of school Nerds and transforms their weaknesses into super powers- for example by "upgrading" braces and even allergies.
My sons haven't read this book- but I have... a few months ago... in an effort to preview it for a possible book club. I predict my 13 year old will be less interested. ( He likes spy books - but more "serious" spy books like Stormbreaker or Last Thing I Remember.
My 11 year old and 8 year old on the other hand- I can totally see them loving this series. (There is a book two out already!) They like the silly and absurd. Everything doesn't have to be probable in their world. ( Unlike my oldest- he's more serious all around.)
It's a fun book.
Thanks Carl!
Be sure to email me -- YOUR great ideas for book clubs!
Happy Reading!

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