Reaching Reluctant Readers

It seems like- we've hit a brick wall lately.

My oldest son use to comply with whatever book I pulled out for our book clubs. (The book club itself was motivation enough.)

Now he is being more selective. My little "incentives" aren't enough motivation to help him plow through a book. He wants to read literature that compels him.

Don't we all?

Maybe your Reluctant Reader has a similar hang up on reading.

The solution can be found with a little research.

What does your child like to do? What are their hobbies?

(Besides video games and TV.)

If those are his two top hobbies- it's time for a little intervention.

Don't get me wrong- our family gets in this rut.

Sometimes TV is a nice get-away.

When life is crazy and busy - it's nice to just sit down with the family with some brain numbing entertainment -

laugh and pass popcorn and not have to be the "Activities Director" running around making sure everyone is on task,

and engaged in something worthwhile

and educational.

Believe me- I get it.

But if this rut- is your normal lifestyle why not change things up?

Challenge your family to go without TV and video games for a week.

(Be sure for your sanity and their enjoyment you have other activities available.

Some suggestions are:

books & kid magazines,


musical instrument they can learn,

a list of outside activities they can do,

board games,

card games

scout program to work on,

crayons & markers & paper

After a week- what activities did your kids enjoy?

Did they pull out their old Dinosaurs?

Did they prefer the Lego's and invent things?

Did they go outside and play?

(WARNING: SHARE your goal with your neighbors so your kids don't just run next door and plunk in front of their TV.)

Once you know their interests- you have a great place to start.

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