New Look?

Hello Friends

I am playing with the idea- of

changing the look around Bookclub4boys.com.

But I would like to get your input-

YOU use it too...

What would make this site more helpful and user-friendly?

I have a sample of the new design I am thinking of

you can see it HERE.

Let me know what you think!

I have a book give-away coming up next month.

I'm not sure how many copies of the book the publishers are giving me-- but for some added incentive

One free copy will go to someone for their input on the new site design.


T said...

I like the new header... but I actually prefer the wooden background here to the books... it doesn't look busy now but as soon as all your side bar stuff gets added I'm afraid it might be overwhelming.

Pssh... like I know what I'm talking about... I can't even MAKE a header...

there's my two cents - for what it's worth (surprisingly, with inflation... probably only about one cent)

SWIRL said...

Hey T
Thanks for the input!

lol- about the inflation comment. You are too funny!

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