Some Cute Printables

Okay- following my own advice
I went to www.familyfun.go.com
and found some cute print-ables!

Reading list printable- click HERE
You could use this chart and help your reluctant reader set a goal.
Read this many books and then .... decide on the reward together.

I remember when Strawberry Shortcake was all the rage and I really really really wanted one.
My father had made "a deal" with me.

If I read this really huge (probably 100 page) book he would buy me one. It's funny- I don't remember what the book was about,
I don't remember which doll I bought...
I remember.....
1. Struggling to read the book
2. the car ride with my dad - on our way to the store
3. and how I felt.
I was sooooo excited, I couldn't contain myself
and I was soo happy= my dad was proud of me- I thought that was pretty cool.

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