Nothing But the Truth- recommendation

This recommendation is by Pokemama.
I have not read this book-- but it sounds interesting!

Nothing But the Truth by Avi (She admits she just read it because her son was reading it in school.)
She recommends it for ages 11-13 years olds.

It's about a kid who loves track.
He can't try out for the team because he is getting a low grade in English.
He doesn't like the English teacher.
So when he is in her homeroom - he starts humming the national anthem during morning announcements. He knows the rule is to be quiet and he knows it bugs her. He ends up getting sent out of class for being disrespectful, and gets suspended because he wont apologize.

THEN the word gets out that he was suspended for singing the national anthem. It is in his town paper, and all across the US. Talk shows are talking about it. .People are calling in saying his teacher should be fired.

I wont tell you the ending... but there are many themes to discuss. The story makes a point about sometimes you need to 'go along to get along'.
Finding win-win resolutions as opposed to lose-lose. (The track coach tries to tell him- even in sports there are rules you have to conform to...)

Besides the interesting plot- the story unfolds with different points of views. Part of the story is through his journal, some are conversations with is classmates, letters from the teacher to her sister, and memos from the Principal.

Thanks for the book recommendation Pokemama!
This style of writing reminds me a little of
The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman.
I've found with my own reluctant readers -- these changing points of view are challenging to follow.

Having said that, I want to add, this type of writing style adds dimensions to the story that appeal to many kids. It makes the reader more active in the story. They enjoy piecing the plot together as the story unfolds for characters and reader alike.

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T said...

I might have to grab a copy of Nothing But The Truth - sounds perfect for my 11 year old who has school/just SIT down and stop being a clown "issues"

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