Thinking to Thank

I love November
for lots of reasons...
to mention a few...
My birthday, fall leaves, cooler weather, and Thanksgiving!

We've had this Thanksgiving picture book for years... I love the sweet illustrations and the story of the first Thanksgiving.

I try to sit the boys down and read this every year.

This is just a cute turkey count down book.

I don't have this one... yet. :0)
I have The Night before Christmas, and Halloween... I think I need to add this to the collection.
My kids enjoy the variations to the traditional Christmas version.

If you are a mom- who wishes she was more creative-- treat yourself to a year subscription to

They always have amazingly fun ideas each month.
With a wide range -- ( some simple ideas... to more complex.)
Something for everyone.

One April Fools some simple ideas were:
remove the drawers from the dressers and replace in a different order. (simple)
put a drop of food coloring inside each cup... then when you pour milk it will turn each cup a different color milk! (magically simple)

My kids thought I was amazing--- my husband thought I was looney,

I changed his drawers then jumped back in bed pretending to still be asleep. He got out of the shower.. and was stumped for a few seconds.. until I started giggling.

Especially if you are a sleep deprived mama.
(My sister gave me a subscription when I had just two small kids.. and felt like a zombie-- but still wanted to create fun memories. But it is hard to think of cute/fun activities -- when all you can think about is crawling back in bed.)

They also have a website- www.familyfun.go.com but I still prefer the magazine.
But check them out for some Thanksgiving crafts.

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