Trip down MEMORY lane

Here is my oldest son and one of his best friends.
This was taken at a church camp out-- where they FIRST MET!

(We had just moved to Hawaii and they were turning 8.)

This friend has been in the book club from the get-go.
Both VERY reluctant readers.

Oh- the struggles and rounds we use to fight- to get our nightly reading done...
I am so glad those days are over....
I had started a book club on the main land- when my oldest was just in first grade. It was fun and seemed to be a step in the right direction.... and then we moved.
I wondered if I would be able to reconstruct a book club- when we didn't know a soul in Hawaii. How would I find boys to be in it?
Would parents trust their sons to come over to our house- without really knowing us?
Starting a Book Club was actually a great way to meet the boys in the community.
(at the time - we didn't live in a neighborhood.
We lived across from the beach- on a very busy road.
I know- I will get no sympathy on that part of the story. :0)
So the boys- had ample of time in the ocean-
but not many opportunities to meet and mingle with kids next door.)
So I made invitations and bought the copies of our first book.
My son and I drove around- delivering the books to boys from school and church.
The parents were very willing to send their boys to my house
for a few hours on a Friday night. The boys were less excited
when they found out it was for a BOOK CLUB....
The trap was set.
I knew I had to make our first book club- extra fun and appealing.
Even my son (who had been in a book club) was skeptical.
(a little nervous about making new friends.)
It was a simple Pizza Party
I think I had a super soaker- and I asked the kids questions...
they got blasted if they answered wrong...
We played a chase game- I had modified from the story.
The kids had a blast and when parents came to pick them up-
they eagerly asked...
"We get to do this again next month?.... COOL!"
My son now is a regular reader.
I do have to supply the macho- appealing books.
He moans and groans if it is required reading for English.
But he can read, and does read for enjoyment.
This next phase is fun.
He is a Boy Scout and is working on his Reading Merit Badge.
Thanks for walking down memory lane with me-

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