New Recruit!

This has got to be THE BEST IDEA I have had YET!

My oldest is working on Merit Badges with the Boy Scout program.
(Thankfully - his 6th grade teacher is a Merit Badge Counselor for the READING merit badge.)
I saw her the other day and she reminded me that my son had completed half the requirements in 6th grade all he needs to do to finish is do 3 hours of service. He had the choice of volunteering at the library for 3 hours or reading to young children for 3 hours.)

At first he wasn't interested in either.
I helped him see... how FUN it would be to read and host a story time for his younger brother.

We all know the importance of male role models- especially in reading.

He didn't see himself as a role model.

But he willingly agreed to do one- to try it out.

First we invited all the neighborhood boys about 5 years old. (asked them to bring flashlights.)
Turn the lights out and let the kids play with their flash lights and making shadows with their fingers. (while you wait for everyone to arrive.)

My oldest son read William and the Magic Ring.
It is a really neat twist on bedtime stories-- the pictures-- if you hold a flashlight- cast shadows on your wall...
It's a family favorite and is great for big crowds.. three of my sons sleep in one room and no one ever has to struggle to see the images.

Next he read The Spooky Old Tree.

It's a simple to read book about three little bears going out at night for a flashlight adventure!
After the story, my son took our little fellas outside for a flash light walk of their own.

(Disregard the Santa wreath on the door: I know it is almost February- I keep forgetting to take it down!)

The boys had a blast!
My oldest son thought it was fun too--
the little guys were so well behaved... and so attentive!

I am thrilled my scouter has agreed to host a book club for my 5 year old! He has to do it 11 more times... to earn his Reading Merit Badge.

So I say... if you are struggling to find reading male role models for your sons... why not ask your local Boy Scout troop? They might have a boy interested in earning his Reading Merit Badge!

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T said...

oh shoot - I keep forgetting that I have two of my own boys that need to do this... guess we're going to be having book clubs at our house for weeks to come... by the time the first two are done the next will be 12!!! (thanks for the good tips, and the reminder!)

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