I am an Entrepreneur!

If you are starting a home-base preschool, then consider yourself an Entrepreneur! I don't naturally think of myself as a "business" type person. I am more of a "People" person or "Service" provider, care-taker type personality.

But starting a home preschool is a business! And I've got to learn some "business" skills, like it or not.

(Side note: As you know- I have four boys. One of the many activities that keep them busy is Scouting. My oldest are in Boys Scouts and are working on merit badges. (Hopefully we'll have an Eagle Scout by Christmas!)
I love merit badges, there is a Merit Badge Booklet on almost every hobby/profession! If you want to learn a new hobby- I highly recommend you visit your local library and check out their Boy Scout Merit Badge selection.)

Yes! There is an Entrepreneurship Merit Badge.
 (Both my boys did this badge in Hawaii.) This pamphlet breaks down the thought process and steps into creating your own business. Perfect for me!

When I taught preschool in the past-  my clients were friends, neighbors, people I already knew- who had children the same age as my children. (Made things really simple and casual.)

This time around- I am new to the area and my kids are no longer in the preschool stage.
So I need to be more professional.

This pamphlet has a list of skills Entrepreneurs need- and I am finding two areas that are outside my comfort zone already.

1. Marketing Skills-  How I have approached marketing: Where I live preschools fill up fast. There is high demand and need for preschools but unfortunately most people have signed up for a preschool before Summer begins. So I thought one market will be new people who move into the area. I contacted my realtor and asked if he would refer me to any new families that move into my area. (I thought that was pretty smart.) He recommended I make a flier on facebook- so then he could just refer clients to that. (also a pretty smart idea.)

Next I made small fliers that I place on windshields in locations where my target market frequent. (Story times at the library and Swim lessons at the pool.) This really panned out for me! A mother contacted me and said, she just learned her preschool teacher decided to retire this summer so everyone in that group is scrambling to find another preschool to attend.

2. Management Skills-  I am taking my time on figuring out how to set up a business. What licenses I need, what type of business I want to set up. ( As a Sole Proprietor or LLC?) I have found great information at my state's Government website, and also my City's Government website. I recommend you do the same, because the laws are slightly different state-to-state I have found. (I've taught preschool in California, Hawaii and now in Utah.)

If you are like me-- and don't consider yourself very business savvy-- I highly recommend you check out the Entrepreneur Merit Badge pamphlet. It is a great resource - in breaking down how to start a business into simple steps. It helped me gather my thoughts, make a plan of what to do first and helped me see areas I need to work at and skills I need to develop.

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Anonymous said...

To hand out flyers in my area- I had to pay for an additional "handbill licence". It was inexpensive. I needed this extra license- since I am marketing to strangers. (posting flyers on cars and such.) Make sure you find out the laws and requirements in your area.

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