My Calendar is a big feature of my "Circle Time"
Here is the calendar that I bought and have been kicking myself over. (Read here to read the full story why.) If you order Funshine Express curriculum- like I have planned to use this fall- YOU DON'T NEED to buy a calendar! They send one to you with toppers each month! (And if you click HERE- you can see their Summer SALE items!!!)
But live and learn- right?
It's a cute calendar. I taped the calendar on a (science fair) project board. Since my preschool is located in our family room- I wanted to be able to set up preschool and take it down.
I like to have everything attached by Velcro. That way I use it month after month and year after year.
I use it as a visual for singing songs like,
"These are the Months of the Year" "Days of the Week" "Number Rock" (counting up to 20)
I liked the frogs at the top that help you point "Today is..." "Tomorrow will be..." and "Yesterday was.."

My preschool room isn't fully ready yet, but I am plugging along. Doing a little here and a little there.

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