Inexpensive Preschool Window Treatment

I love how this window turned out in my preschool space.
I found the ABC boarder at the Dollar Store. I thought I would use it in a more practical manner- but as I thought about it, I really didn't want to line our Family room with the alphabet.

So - this isn't practical for teaching the alphabet, it's just for decoration.

I think any Bulletin Board trim would work and be adorable.

I made the flags by cutting out 7 inch squares of fabric. (This was just purple and orange fabric I had.)

Look in your fabric/sewing stash- you might be surprised what you find. When we moved- I thought I had given away all my fabric. For this project, I would have preferred to go to the store and pick out some cute fabric..(something with polka dots)...but as you know... I am on a tight budget! I was pleasantly surprised to find I had kept fabric and thankfully it was just solid primary color- blue and orange.

I then folded each 7 inch square in half to make a big triangle.
Then folded it in half again to make a smaller triangle. (1/4 of a square.)
I lined up my triangles and pinned them to some ribbon.
(It's hard to see- but the only ribbon I have is hot pink.)

I used a zig- zag stitch to attach the triangles to the ribbon. Then I stapled them to my wall- around my window. (I am not very high-tech) I love how simple this is- with minimal sewing.

I took my $1 boarder and stapled around the window- to hide the raw ends of the flags.

I think it turned out great. I want to add some whimsy without being over the top and distracting. The preschool space isn't done yet- but I really love how this turned out and am impressed even more that it cost $1!


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