Preschool Memories

As I plan for preschool this fall- I can't help but think about when I started teaching preschool for my little fellas. As you can see from the above picture- I just held it in our living room and dining nook. 

We used the "nook" as a play room.
They grow up so fast!

Here's my oldest- officially taller than me.

He's been waiting is whole life for that moment. (lol)
(Watch out dad- you are next!)

 I know it is still summer- and I truly am trying to enjoy the moment: warm/hot days- sitting pool side at the local pool, family reunions and mini/weekend vacations.. snow cones... dollar movies... but part of me can't help but look forward to fall!

I am so excited to get the kids back in school. ROUTINE- I thrive on it.

So I hope you'll indulge me as I post about preschool preparations.

I hope this blog helps a fellow mom. A mom who would like to earn some extra income, yet still be able to stay home with your little ones.  Teaching preschool from your home doesn't have to cost a fortune (in supplies, manipulates, etc...,) It doesn't have to drain your time (in lesson planning and prep). I ordered a few things from FUNSHINE Express that are going to help with my preschool routine. (I'll blog about those items later.) And their monthly kits really are time & cost savers.

The time really does fly when raising a family. ( I know when you are in the moment of tantrum's and poopy diapers- the days seem long and endless.) But before you know it- you'll be surrounded by teenagers.  (yikes!) I haven't regretted any time I've spent at home. I tell myself- the time is soon coming- where it wont make sense anymore to stay home (my boys will be raised and no longer needed so much guidance) but for now I love having the option to teach preschool from home.

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