Preschool Supplies on a tight buget!

 It's no secret I like to shop at thrift stores.
If you are planning on using Funshine Express  curriculum, I suggest you check out there activity schedule. (click HERE) before you buy anything.
$3 farm and $2 cash register! (Yes it works!)
Make a list of the themes you will be having for the year. Before you go shopping for supplies- look around your house and gather items you already own that match these themes.
Since I am starting from scratch- there wasn't much around our house. So off I headed to our local Goodwill and Savers.

I was so glad I looked at the different themes before I went shopping. I noticed that in January one theme is "Penguin Party". So when I was at Savers- and came upon two cute books about Penguins- I snatched them up!
This lot of books, storage containers, bag of dinosaurs and cookie cutter letters all cost $14!  That was 20 books- (at savers buy 3 and get one free book deal!) Those storage containers you can get at the $1 store- but here at savers they were 50 cents! I felt great after shopping- with no remorse- money well spent!

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