Funshine Curriculum Kit- it's HERE!

It's the end of August- so my September FUNSHINE Express preschool curriculum kit arrived in the mail! I have used Funshine in the past and loved their lessons and more important the crafts that go along with each theme. (I can come up with lesson plans easily enough- but researching cute crafts and gathering all the supplies- was like a wild goose chase in Hawaii, it just wouldn't have been worth the time or gas money. We lived over an hour away from any stores with crafting supplies.)
It has been a few years, since I've taught preschool- but when I decided to teach this fall- I contacted Funshine Express asking if I could blog for them as I use their great curriculum. I contacted them- because I honestly loved their product.
What initially impressed me about their curriculum was the price point and the quality of the worksheets and handouts. I had tried many cheaper programs before Funshine- and the saying is very true- "You get what you pay for". Other inexpensive curriculum programs were very bland. The projects and handouts were all black and white. The graphics- not cute at all!
Funshine has colored handouts- look at this cute monthly newsletter! (Just another element parents like from preschool teachers- and Funshine has taken care of it for us.)

An additional treat in each box is a actual book!
(You know how much I love books and promoting literacy.)
I was so excited to expand my own library every month.

Each monthly kit comes with 12 craft activities. Each craft is in a pouch with all the supplies you need (minus glue, or tape, etc..) Look at them- all lined up.

Using Funshine- is like having a really great teachers aid, who preps every project for you, writes your monthly newsletter and shops for pompoms and popsicle sticks. Sometimes, when you teach from home, it feels over whelming that you have to do everything yourself.

Opening up this first box from Funshine- was like reconnecting with an old friend. I am going to delve deeper in the box and show you more stuff later this week. Just wanted to give you a sneak peak!

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