Funshine Express Curriculum Guide

It is early in the wee morning, I wanted to get a jump on the day and dive into September's lesson plans. All last year I was a substitute teacher in the public school system- so I am use to following a lesson plan.

What is fun about teaching preschool this fall (in my home)- is I AM THE TEACHER- I can follow the lesson plan , or not. (lol) I can modify it to fit my needs, interest, and the needs and interest of the kids in my class.

But as you can see below- Funshine Express gives you plenty of ideas! In the middle of the book they have a month -in- a- glance, overview. Since my preschool only meets 3x a week- there are more than enough suggestions to fill my days.
They have every day, Monday- Friday, detailed and laid out.
Just reading through the lesson ideas and suggestions is getting me excited to preschool to start.
Funshine Express has done all the leg work - of thinking of learning games and activities that meet all the core standards! It is such a well rounded program.
If you are a fan of Funshine Express curriculum- I would love for you to post a comment!

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