Preschool Preview was TODAY!

Today was my Preschool Preview!
Some people call them "Open Houses". I wanted all the kids to come at the same time, and get the opportunity to meet their preschool peers before school starts. I hope that it will calm some of their "first day jitters".  I invited all my preschool friends and a parent to come for an hour of fun - and a quick walk through of our daily routine/ tour of the preschool space.

To prepare: I have been studying my Funshine Express Curriculum pretty closely. In the front- they have all kinds of great suggestions and thoughts about how to set up your classroom, classroom management- even questions you should ask parents about their kids! (For example- since my lessons will be multi sensory- ask parents about not only food allergies, but plant and animal allergies. Great idea! I would not have thought of that!)

I was excited to learn - there are additional helps/forms offered on their website. (CLICK HERE FOR A FREE ACTIVITY!) I printed off a skills assessment checklist. I want the parents to fill it out so I can see where they feel their child is at NOW.... and then I will be able to chart their growth over our year. (Nice idea- right?) I want the parents to fill this out- and not go by MY observations at the beginning of the year... because some kids are shy and can do things at home, or where/when they are comfortable- they might not perform these skills in front of a stranger- the first week of preschool. Also I want the parents to think about these different skills now- so they will notice and be aware of their child's growth!

As an opening activity- I used a Funshine Express craft: Friendship Bracelets. This was a simple activity that the kids really enjoyed. Funshine suggested the kids cut the straws themselves- but I didn't want the kids using scissors while I was greeting and talking to parents. Other than that simple prep- this activity was ready to go.
Then we walked through our routine- and I let the boys explore the preschool toys, while I chatted with parents.

After play time- we cleaned up and headed back upstairs for a snack and a story time.

They were adorable. It was nice to see the boys quickly meet and become friends. (Not all the kids could come to the preview today-) But I hope it will help them transition easier next week.

Next week- it all begins....

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