Spot Light: Measured Mom

Meet Anna over at the Measured Mom!
I found her- by way of searching for preschool ideas.
She has a wonderful site- with LOTS and LOTS of free PRINTABLES!

I  love meeting other mom's who are as passionate about early literacy... and just literacy in general. She is a cute stay-home-mama with four small children.

She taught for eight years and earned her master's degree in education, but is taking a break now to stay home to raise those four children little ones. (Ages 6,4,3,1).

I think it is easy to loose focus sometimes in life- there are so many things competing for our time and energy. I admire women who find ways to stay focused on what is most important. You can feel her passion for teaching with each post and her love for children. I love her ideas and love her printables. They are cute and colorful and educational- to boot!

So happy I found Anna- I hope you take a moment to check out her site- at The Measured MoM.

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