I will admit- a weakness in my preschool schedule is my STATION time.

I really like having stations, where I can work one-on-one or in a small group with kids. But sometimes, I feel like the other children are on their own. (Not that they mind. lol- they love just playing with toys!) This guy always creates amazing things with these brillo blocks. I know free play is important too--  here are a few of his creations ...
Every day - he makes some amazing - new and different contraption!

But back to the topic... STATIONS. I want to create engaging stations that they will WANT to go to- on their own! It's a challenge.
I also want to them be quality stations that they are learning or practicing a skill.

This month Funshine Express  sent these circles- for a station. (Again- what a life saver!)


They could trace around the circles or use the sheet of paper (that I punched the circles out of...) as a stencil...and trace inside the circles.

This station- goes great with our CIRCLE theme this month. We've also  been talking about the letter B- so I encouraged the kids to draw/trace "bubbles" on their papers, and have the circles over lap... and be different colors.


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