Another fun day with PLAY DOUGH.
To be honest.. I cringe when I take out play dough. I don't know why- the children love it. Today I pulled out some spatulas and had a moment of "life skills" practice.

Flipping "pancakes" and "cookies".

I only had 3 spatulas- so it was a real test of character- taking turns! They all did wonderful. I paired them up in partners, so they just took turns back and forth with one other person.

I was tempted to buy 3 more- so everyone can have their OWN next time... but I decided not to.
Learning to take turns, be patient, ask nicely.... are ALL good skills to learn and practice.

I think too often as a parent and teacher- I try to spare myself some frustration by having enough for all the kids- so they DON'T have to share. But these qualities and characteristics are so important and need to be taught and practices multiple times a day.

So- I am going to try and find MORE ways to encourage turn taking in preschool.

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