Alphabet Soup

I was talking to my sister yesterday and we were brainstorming different preschool ideas. She suggested alphabet soup. I remembered an activity Funshine Express suggested in their September monthly curriculum guide- to have children try and find the letter of the week in a newspaper article. I didn't do it at the time. I just thought they might disregard the challenge... if I just had random newspapers at a station and markers for them to hunt for letters. The size of newspaper PAPER itself- might be too daunting.

But I thought the combination of these two ideas sounded PERFECT! Make a bowl of "soup" out of construction paper and have a clipping from the newspaper be inside the bowl.

A small sample (of newspaper)-- but large enough for the kids to hunt for the letters.

The kids really enjoyed it!  After our station time- I gave them some time for "free choice"- and a few came back to finish their Alphabet soup.

I added prompts to; circle the letter A's, color the B's blue, cross out the letter C's, etc.. just up to the letter G (color green). That is where we are at with learning our alphabet.

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