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Since cooking isn't part of my Funshine Express kit this month- I thought I would show how you can modify and still use your own creativity in your home base preschool.

(I still used the letters, number, shape, and color worksheets offered in my monthly curriculum kit by Funshine Express. And I am saving the theme I didn't use this month: Music, for next month!)

At my "sensory" station- children practiced measuring and scooping rice.

One "life skills" station was sorting silverware.

Another station was cutting- and we were clipping coupons. You might laugh- but they really enjoyed this! In fact these two kept sneaking back to this station- even when it was their "free choice" time to play with toys!
Because most of my kids NEED more cutting practice. This image is part of a craft I will show later... but my little one couldn't cut around him and he was so discouraged he had cut his insect apart.

So "clipping coupons" any kind of cutting really- is a useful skill. It doesn't really matter what they cut- as long as it keeps their attention and keeps them motivated to try and cut on the lines.

We also have talked about setting a table. They made some placemats that show the proper sequence of where the plate-fork-knife-spoon-napkin and cup are set. That was a paper I down loaded- from this website here.

I am going to laminate them- and then next week we will practice how to set a table.
All this- is leading up for THANKSGIVING!



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