Pie counting math manipulative

The supplies for this math manipulative- was actually a craft kit from Funshine Express, to make a Dalmation firehouse dog. It was a cute craft for the month of October and our community helpers theme, but I just didn't have time in the month to do all the cute crafts provided.
I was thinking about my cooking theme for this month and came up with this center- using those supplies. I drew and colored "pies" on the paper plates and used the pink pom poms ( I think they were for the dog's nose originally) for "cherries".
I love how versatile the craft kits are in Funshine's monthly curriculum kit. You can simply use as is, or easily use them to create crafts that fit the personality of your individual preschool!
What is really great is it all comes to my door monthly! I don't have to make multiple trips to the store, hunting down craft supplies!
This is going to save me so much time during the crazy holiday season that is rapidly approaching!
I am a firm believer in rotating toys in your preschool.
It keeps your classroom FRESH and EXCITING.
Since I am starting from scratch I borrowed this kitchen from my sister-in-law.
(We moved here a little over a year ago-- and I didn't think I would be teaching preschool again-- so none of my preschool toys or supplies made the move! I hate how hind sight is 20/20!)
 Anyway, if you are starting your own preschool, don't be afraid to ask around and borrow toys. This was just taking up space in her basement. She asked if I wanted to take their guinea pigs too! (lol)
Not this month- but I just might borrow those critters some time next year! How fun would that be to have a classroom pet? (I have one son allergic to animals with fur, so we don't have a family pet- but I think a class pet for a week or so might be alright.)

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