Amazing Crafts

Once again- I am delighted in the quality of crafts offered by Funshine Express.

These trains turned out so cute! My preschool kids were delighted by the results.
Funshine Express provided large paper trains for two craft projects. We didn't use the inside paper train-(I couldn't find my hole puncher today- and that craft we were going to "lace" around the train. So we'll have to do that on a later date.) But I love that nothing goes to waste! We used the outside of the paper (that I normally would think of as trash) as a template.
I taped paper under this template- and taped the train window on their paper also. Then the children painted. (They LOVE to paint.) They were so happy to see the train appear on their paper- when we took the template off. (Funshine also provided glitter- to make these trains more magical.)
It was a great craft. 100% success rate!
I love that Funshine Express really tries to use every scrap of paper- to the fullest!

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