Every Day Games- Preschool style

This game SPOT IT- comes in a bunch of different themes. We are a hockey family- so naturally our SPOT IT game is NHL themes.

Another game we play from time to time- (you can see in the picture) is Domino's. Again, these come with dots, or pictures/characters, that the children match. For preschoolers- I think the character domino's are more engaging.

I really like playing games with my preschoolers, one-on-one, during our station rotation.
It is a time, I can touch base with each child individually. We work on a skill- matching, patterns, sequencing, etc... (depends on the game we play). As well as teach skills like, turn taking and being a good sport.  Today I played GUESS WHO

  This is a "travel" game- and I love to play those modified games in my house too. I love how all the pieces are CONTAINED! No more - finding lost game pieces- around the house. If you have little ones, you might want to look for these modified games- for travel.

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