Unconvential Painting

Originally posted 12/6/2013- But updated and reposted.
Funshine Express monthly curriculum provides crafts that relate to the monthly themes AND some that are just exploration in art. They are so fun. I love that it is just "exploration" and the kids are not trying to copy a craft- but just playing with art supplies.

Today's craft Funshine Express supplied the paper and little spatula scrapers. The little ones were able to paint (with fingers or brushes) and then use the spatulas to scrape some of the paint off- to make different designs and textures.

The kids LOVE when we paint.
I LOVE that painting is always FRESH with different ideas to inspire their creativity- and what is even BETTER??? I don't have to drive all over town buying craft supplies to keep our craft time fresh, with new ideas.... I just open my Funshine Express monthly Curriculum box.. and the creative tools are provided!

(I do have to keep on hand supplies like; paint, glue, scissors, crayons, etc.)

Here are some past unconventional painting tools...
Star sponges
Water Droppers
(I used egg cartons to put the watered down paint into.
Brilliant idea- but I would recommend using the foam ones
instead of cardboard egg cartons. They might hold water longer.)

Q-tips and Cotton Balls
 and even our FEET!

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