Encouraging young Men to cook

So I shared my goal: Having the men in my life cook more.

Another great idea shared in this book by Anitra is making dinner bags.
Put all the canned/dried items you need in a bag and include the recipe.

It's a dinner kit with the ingredients inside. They will still have to gather items from the refrigerator, but if you are making "kits' make sure you have the other ingredients available too.

I like this idea a lot!
I mean, Spaghetti is a staple in our house. Put a can/jar of sauce + a package of noodles together. Easy kit! Taco Soup is another simple meal, with lots of pantry items.

It's a step in the right direction and might make the idea of "making dinner" less intimidating. They know they can grab the bag, and I'll have all the ingredients ready for them.

Some other simple cooking meals- my boys have made.
Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup ( from a can) * we have a grilled cheese maker
frozen lasagna
pot pies and rice
chili and rice (we lived in Hawaii for 8 years- this is how you eat chili Hawaiian style. But they could make corn bread if that is what your family prefers.)
cheese quesadillas
tacos (a step up- since you have to brown the meat and flavor it.)
BBQ sandwiches (browned meat + add BBQ sauce AFTER DRAINING MEAT + bun+ cheese)
Hot dogs cut into Mac n cheese
Baked potato bar (with cheese, sour cream, chili, steamed broccoli as toppings.)

It's a start. I would like them to advance into making HEALTHY meals, but we are starting small. Cooking anything is a big step!

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