Oppostie Theme

This month's themes for preschool are Hearts & Hugs
and Opposites.
I added "magnets" to the unit.
(I thought this was clever of me- because the opposite poles of a magnet "attract".)
I bought this kit. It is so great- it has 22 experiments to do with magnets!

This was a simple station to set up.
I had a magnet - and different items for the kids to experiment with ...
what is attracted by the magnet. (hint: things with iron, not metals)
We've been talking about opposites.
Funshine Express has different activities/crafts, etc..
Here is one we did today.

The kids (and I ) thought these were so clever! I like that Funshine Express offers a variety of crafts. Most the crafts offered by Funshine Express are pretty open ended. About 1/4 of the projects are like this one, exact in how the end result should look like. I still like the variety. And as you can see, there is room for creativity, with how they decorated their light bulb.

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