Normally I love Mondays.
I wake up- happy for a new week.
Today was no exception.

I woke up happy.
Made lunches for my four boys.
Cooked an egg sandwich for my oldest.
re-heated French toast for the other boys. (we had French toast yesterday.)
Packed lunches...
Ironed a shirt for my hubby...
drove junior high son off to school...

I was ahead of the game! While the elementary school kids dug into the French toast- I was motivated to quickly "clean out" (toss out the moldy stuff.) the refrigerator and started to sweep our eternally crumbly kitchen floor.... life was good.

I felt so productive!
Then my second grader mumbles with his mouth full, "Mom.. isn't my Animal Report due today?"

MY HEART DROPPED- mid sweep~.
UGH... yes it is!

I have learned the value of having extra poster-boards handy.
So with 10 minutes...
It was all hands on deck!

I am so proud of my 11 year old and 8 year old. They quickly jumped into action!
My 11 year old- quickly volunteered to "take care of preschool". He ran downstairs to set up our preschool space.

My 8 year old and I quickly printed off the facts he had been collecting.
We drew a HUGE Japanese Spider Crab on our poster board. (Their bodies are 15 inches wide!)
We took yarn and measured out 12 feet worth... to represent the crab's legs....
cut- and pasted the facts to the poster... and called it good!

By this time, my 11 year old was back upstairs and he said- "Mom, I can entertain the preschool kids for you, while you get your lesson together."

And- ya know what?- preschool lesson wasn't even a concern!
I mean, normally I like to prepare, gather my supplies, read over the plan for today.

But today- when we were in a rush- I wasn't panicked.
I knew... whatever Funshine Express had planned...would be great.
My craft supplies would be all included- if NOT they would be easy to get from around the house.
Today I was truly THANKING MY STARS I have my Funshine Express monthly curriculum kit and lesson plans.

We did a really cute April Fools Day joke/craft- suggested by Funshine Express.


Color on white paper with white crayons. I had each child make 4 different drawings. (I wrote their names on the side- their picture was on... because it is really hard to identify that there is a picture drawn on the paper!)

I told the kids, "Tomorrow hand one of these papers to your mom, or dad, or big brother, etc.. and tell them this is your best drawing ever!"  (naturally they will think it is just a blank piece of paper) When you paint over it... the drawing appears!

I let the children paint two (of their 4) drawings. So they could practice and see the joke themselves.

Whew! Such a life saver today- I can't say it enough! Bad mommy moment - averted, thanks to my Funshine Express monthly curriculum kit!


(Disclaimer: This year I contacted Funshine Express and asked to blog about their amazing curriculum. I have used/paid their program for years and LOVE it! My kids are grown, we moved (from Hawaii to Utah). As you can imagine- it was expensive to move so not much made the move.  I thought I was done teaching preschool... so I sold/gave away all my preschool things, along with all my children's toys they out-grew etc.  So we set up life in Utah, having to re-buy much of our household items. I tried to get different jobs to fill my days- and realized I miss this age group! So I decided to teach preschool again. But starting over is pricey- and this time I didn't have the benefit of having TONS of toys already... I had to start from scratch! So I was trying to think how I could cut some costs... and I thought free curriculum would help out a lot! So that is the long story.)

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