Dr. Seuss' inspired day

March 2nd was Dr Seuss' birthday-- did you know?
Funshine Express planned in their monthly curriculum guide to celebrate his birthday.

They had a really cute day planned- different activities relating to different books.
(I think I had a sick day- that day- because we completely skipped this day in our preschool! Horrible!)

How I even noticed I had missed a fun day-- was I found an extra craft kit in my monthly curriculum box.. and went back to see what we had missed.

Here are the supplies to make Trufflula trees from the book The Lorax.
Really- these pom poms could represent trees in any of Dr. Seuss' books. Horton hears a Who.. I am thinking of specifically.
The straws were a tad hard to glue on- so we just drew the trunks of trees.
Then I modified the craft...by letting the kids make finger-print creatures.
(I have these silly eyes with eyelashes... the kids added.)
I thought these all turned out amazing!
Any one of these pictures could be an illustration out of a Dr. Seuss book!
Some other Seuss inspired activities were:
Cat in the Hat Balancing Act.
Seussical Counting
It was a really cute day.

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